Julian Perry

"A picture has the capacity to move our soul in profound ways for the physical world speaks to us of its depth and source - the same source that is at the root and heart of each of us."

This website groups together work in to five galleries according to an elemental theme that reflects their relationship to the world around us. These are Architectural, Botanical, Geological, Coastal and Meteorological and are supplemented by four other categories namely, Black & White, Abstract, Miscellany and Art Posters. This more thematic approach is particularly useful for interior design projects but equally suitable for selecting specific pieces of art for personal use and appreciation.

Particular fascinations of mine are the intricate and beautiful patterns and designs embedded in the organic and natural world and also the interface between digital images and traditional forms of artistic expression. The feeling and wonder that can be generated by abstracting a photograph, and working on it with digital brushes, tools and layers to create a whole new image, is only limited by inspiration and ones imagination.

Please contact me if you would like to order a specific picture at any size and in any of a variety of media (paper, canvas, metal or acrylic), framed or unframed or to discuss specific projects or requirements, e.g. for interior design or to obtain accurate costings within a budget. Simply specify the image name and broadly what you would like in your message via the link immediately above and I will get back to you promptly.

Also, I am now offering to work with the customers' own images, for example in restoring old prints and negatives to create fresh, enhanced and enlarged images printed on a variety of media. Similarly I can improve digital images that are currently not suitable for printing or create a beautiful piece of art from a favourite image or scene. If any of these are of interest please contact me briefly outlining your requirements and I will reply for more information.

Alternatively, you can click on any image, or visit the Shop, to order 'print on demand' products based on the image, including framed prints, canvases, greetings cards, archival prints, phone cases and fabric based items. (Please note that the shop prices for prints will often be higher than when purchasing through direct contact with myself as described above.)

Here you can read a short biography or a feature article about my work in the home and lifestyle ETC Magazine and you can view my art catalogue or an interior design brochure.

I am sure you will find something that moves and inspires you and my wife and business partner Rhona and I would love to hear any feedback you have!







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